So you are a Twitch subscriber on my channel? Or maybe you’re thinking about it?

Check out the sub perks below!!

Whats a subscriber?

Being part of the Arxster Gang means you pay monthly for perks in my Twitch channel and on my discord server. There are three subscription tiers – $4.99 / $9.99 / $24.99 USD.

Why Subscribe?

Subscribing to my Twitch channel is just one way of supporting me and the content I provide. If you like what you see you can help me continue to do what I love by subscribing.

Your subscription every month will help me pay the bills that help me run the show (Electricity & Internet bills), purchase tools and supplies for the stream (mic, cam, mouse, tablet, keyboard) and help me create better content for you (buying new games to stream and purchase prizes and giveaway items)!

Where can i subscribe?

Visit my Twitch channel @, leave a follow (click the heart) and subscribe by hitting the subscribe button at the top of the channel. Or click the button below. This sub will auto-renew every month!

Sub perks

Here are all the perks for subbing to my channel! Enjoy ❤

>> Emotes
>> Badges

Every 3 months, you get a sweet new badge next to your name!

1m / 3m / 6m / 9m / 12m
>> Twitch Sound and Chat Commands

Type these commands in the Twitch chat!


  • !discord // !twitter // !instagram // !steam // !youtube // !bttv // !chair // !website // !rl


  • !emote

Music and Song Requests

  • !sr // !song // !when // !wrongsong


  • !bttv // !time // !following // !age // !followage // !uptime // !commands // !lurk // !donate // !hubs // !merch // !playtime // !drink // !prime // !subscribe // !uwu // !sendfood // !fossilgames // !arxraid // !quote // !streamgifts // !arxball // !rank // !ad // !specs // !carry // !cp // !mans // !hyptrain // !protecc // !total // !points // !quote // !tip


  • !roulette // !slots // !gamble



  • !airhorn // !ah // !alpha // !clap // !bruh // !yeet // !okay // !getfuxed // !chickens // !milk // !yah // !wii // !pikachu // !lipstick // !bass // !beep // !run // !trex // !profanity // !opinion // !ahfuck // !disaster // !whosthat // !xfiles // !rat // !everybody // !wednesday // !deeznuts // !nuggets // !drumroll // !gogo // !karate // !rita // !cantbelieve // !drumroll // !vette // !snowman // !shutup
  • !gg // !hype // !pout // !goal // !roll // !ratto // !brain // !layer


  • !liftbro // !drinkuparx // !nameatame // !dontsay // !playmysong // !reactbro

Mods Only

  • !so (user) // !map // !modcommands – Commands List // !addquote “[quote]” // !marker // !death // !addpoints (user no @) amount
>> Fossils

Use your fossils to interact with me!

In Stream Currency:

Earn fossils by hanging out in chat when I am live, winning rounds of Marbles on Stream, and playing in-chat games with other viewers!

Redeem your fossils for fun interactive chat games. Make the streamer take a drink or even name something after you! You can even gift fossils to your friends!

!givepoints [user] [amount]

!nameatame – Cost: 2,000 Fossils
When I am playing Ark or Atlas, use this command to name a Dino or Animal after yourself. I must be playing these games when you use the command, and this cannot be used and redeemed later.

!playmysong – Cost: 3,000 Fossils
Use this command when you want to hear your favorite song from youtube. You may request one song to be played per command. The song must stay within the guidelines of the Twitch TOS.

!dontsay – Cost: 500 Fossils
Use this command when you want to play with the streamer. Pick a word she can not say for 5 whole minutes. If she says it, she gives you your fossils back, and then some! This command can only be used every 30 minutes.

!liftbro – Cost: 500 Fossils
Use this command to help me get fit! When this command is used, I have to lift an 8lb weight 15 times with each arm. Entertaining for you, healthy for me. This command can only be used every 15 minutes.

!reactbro – Cost: 2500 Fossils
Use this command to share a link to a video you want me to react to. Make sure to include the link when redeeming in chat. The video has to be TOS friendly, and does not include footage of graphic nature.

!drinkuparx – Cost: 250 Fossils
Is Arx drinking? Not fast enough? Redeem 250 fossils and she’ll take a drink! Thanks! This command can only be used every 10 minutes.

>> Discord role

Join the Arxster Gang Discord server and get a sweet Twitch Sub role! Stand out from the crowd, take polls, view selfies and gain access to a super secret chat channel!

>> Game Influence

Voice your opinion! Influence the games I play and make suggestions as to what I should download next! Your opinion matters to me! Watch me play scary games or rage quit in frustration! =)