Animal Crossing: Dream Villager Hunt / EP1

Hunting for my dream villagers live on Check out how I found my dream villager using only 16 Nook Miles Tickets. Mystery Island hunting, hopping, DIYs and furniture. Looking for: Sherb, Blue Bear, Skye, Whitney, Filbert, Francine, Pate, Bruce, Derwin or Hopkins! ** I apologize for the music, we were vibing on stream. Subscribe for more Animal Crossing content!

Gamers Outreach Fundraiser

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Gamers Outreach is a 501(c)(3) charity organization that provides recreation to children in hospitals through the power of video games and the gaming community. Hospitalization can often be a lonely, isolating, and scary experience for young people. We ease those burdens by providing equipment, technology, and software that help kids cope with long-term treatment.

New changes coming to Twitch?

So whats new?

Our Twitch experience is changing!! Not only for viewers but for streamers as well.

Last week during TwitchCon, Twitch revealed some huge news, that impacts everyone on the platform. Some of the biggest news especially, for affiliate streamers.

If you follow Twitch on Twitter, you already know whats down the chute. But if you don’t, heres a quick rundown of some of the changes we can expect.

One major change is how the site overall will be different, visually. Whether you are a partner or affiliate streamer or just a viewer there to support your friends, Twitch is making some major changes to its UX (User Experience). Twitch has already updated and rolled out new fonts, a new kind of dark-mode, and some of their button icons and logos.

Updated Channel Page

For streamers, your channel’s page and creator dashboard will look more modern and easier to use. The new channel page will give viewers the key information they want to know. This includes new tabs such as About you, Schedules and Game info, and a new way to follow, subscribe, and turn on Notifications. It is unknown as of now how this will impact streamer artwork such as offline images, banner/header images, and channel panels.

Channel Page by Twitch

New creator Dashboard

The Creator Dashboard is also getting a hefty facelift. Starting this October, a new way to manage your stream will be hitting the website.

Stream manager will include quick and easy to use buttons added for editing stream info, starting squad streams, running ad breaks, and raiding/hosting channels. You can add new tool buttons such as Clip That, Add Stream Delay, Add Stream Marker, Manage Bounties and buttons to help you manage your chat. You will also be able to customize the arrangement of these buttons based on your preference and whats most important to you.

Chat, Activity docks and stream previews will be easier to use, access, and read on your dashboard. Also, stream stats such as stream duration, followers, viewer count and subscriber count will be more visible.

Creator Dashboard by Twitch

Go Live with Twitch Studio

New to Twitch? Just getting started as a streamer or showing interest in eventually going live for your friends? Twitch announced on Sept 27th, that they have an all new way to go live on their platform.

Twitch Studio wants to help you stream with new guided setups, point and click overlays and templates and integrated activity feeds.

Customize layouts and stream overlays. Create fully customizable scenes for your Main layout, BRBs, intermissions and more. Choose channel colors, images and background wallpapers.

Start and End stream right from the studio. You can adjust microphone and audio settings within this tool and also track view count, chat, duration of stream and more.

Beta opens up in November!

Twitch Studio by Twitch

A new way to moderate

Twitch will also be introducing a new channel mode exclusively for your moderators. Mod View will include tools that we know (and love) today and new features that will make it easier for your mods to lay down the law.

Mod View looks similar to the creator dashboard. It includes a stream preview, recent mod activity and an auto-mod queue (helpful for the larger channels). You’ll still be able to experience traditional chat but new features are being added such as a “Users in Chat” list that separates and categorizes the viewers in chat and a channel actions panel that will help you control other functions of the chat (subs only, slow mode, emote only and more.)

You will be able to choose individual chatters and see recent comments that are shared in chat by that specific user.

Drag and drop different panels into your Mod View dashboard and choose what is most important to you. You can choose to keep these panels nested in your dashboard or pop-out into a new browser window.

You can catch the new Mod View spring of 2020.

Mod View by Twitch

viewer loyalty points

Twitch is adding a new easy-to-use, customizable program allowing Affiliates and Partners to reward their most loyal viewers with special perks. Channel Points is a program that enables viewers to earn points by hanging out in stream and using perks and rewards in stream chat such as exclusive emotes. Viewers can unlock a tier 1 emote for 24 hours, add sunglasses to their favorite emote, or redeem a customized reward created by you.

Channel Points is in early access and if you are interested in helping them improve the experience, simply sign up!

Channel Points by Twitch

subscribe from your phone

Twitch is updating their mobile app as well!

A new Subscribe button is being added to iOS allowing mobile users to sub on the go. In previous years, streamers would have to create a link that sent mobile viewers to a specific subscribe page through a phone browser. The new app redesign will show the benefits of a subscription and allow you to redeem tokens.

Twitch Mobile

sub tokens

Starting October, you will be able to purchase and redeem Sub Tokens. One Sub Token can be redeemed for one month of a Tier 1 channel subscription. These tokens can be used to maintain a sub streak by using multiple tokens. Sub Tokens are non-refundable.

As of now, the price of sub tokens are:

  • 1 Sub Token = $5.99
  • 2 Sub Tokens = $29.99
  • 10 Sub Tokens = $59.99
  • 25 Sub Tokens = $149.99
  • 50 Sub Tokens = $299.99
Sub Tokens by Twitch

affiliates: make money from ads!

And probably, the biggest announcement to come from Twitch this year revolves around Ads and Revenue. Twitch is rolling out updates to improve the ad experience for both streamers and viewers. Affiliates will begin to earn a share of ad revenue and streamers will gain more control over pre-roll ads (ads viewed when first joining channel) and 30/60 second ads ran during stream.

Picture-by-Picture mode will allow the streamer to run an ad during a stream break or intermission. The stream window with the streamers content will appear above chat while the ad will run in the normal viewing area.

As of right now it is unknown what the amount earned per ad will be or when affiliates will begin earning revenue from these ads.

“But I use ad-block?” Please don’t. This doesn’t support the content that you watch. This doesn’t help streamers or content creators that you know and love.

final thoughts

As an affiliate that is about to reach 500 follows on Twitch, this all is very exciting news. Twitch was overdue for a site update and a more modern design. The integration for streamers, mods and viewers is game changing. New ways to earn and subscribe give Twitch users more ways to support and promote. Opening up Twitch Studio for new streamers allows people to dip their toes into streaming, simplifying the broadcasting process, makes it user friendly, and allows the streamer to free up some space on the CPU (assuming its cloud based).

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What are your thoughts on the new updates?

Mediocre Cooking / Mozz Knots

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Pizza Pretzels recipe

• 8oz Mozzarella Cheese
• 1 Can Pizza Sauce
• 2 Cans pre-made Crescent Rolls
• Flour (as needed)

• Baking sheet
• Aluminum Foil

Hi. I don’t cook. But this is how I made these Pizza Prezels or as my chat dubbed them “Mozz Knots!” If you make these, send me photos!!

Open a can of Crescent Rolls and shape the precut pieces back together. Roll out into 2-2.5 inch wide strips. Place Mozzarella cheese down the middle of strip. Close strip by working and pressing together the sides. Use flour on surface and on rolling pin if needed. A little flour will help the dough not stick to everything!

Twist into the shape of a pretzel. Or make whatever design you like. Once twisted, place on a greased baking sheet. I covered my pan with aluminum foil for easy cleanup and sprayed it with canola oil.

One can can make 3-4 pretzels or “knots” depending on their size and girth. XD

Feel free to add pepperonis and other pre cooked pizza toppings into your strip before closing. Spice it up a little!

Place in oven. I cooked mine at 350 degrees for a total of about 22 minutes. Check often. It’s better to cook it slower so the bottom doesn’t burn and it cooks thoroughly. Before time is up, check it one last time and throw some cheese on the top of the pretzels. Place back in oven for remainder of time. This should be done about 1-2 minutes before completion.

Once done, place on rack to cool for about 5-10 minutes. Pour your sauce in to a bowl and dip your pretzels when then they are finished! VIOALA – we cooked a thing!

1 Year Twitch Anniversary <3

Some of Mediocre Car Soccer’s best community night clips. Thanks so much to all of my subscribers, followers viewers and supporters. There is no way I would have made it an entire year without each and every one of you. I owe you!

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